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Jamey Glasnovic - Writer/Photographer - 403.678.3648 - jglasnovic@shaw.ca


Welcome to Wandering Horizon Photography. It is my belief that creative endeavours are what feed the human soul, and living in the beautiful town of Canmore, Alberta, has helped shape how I see and interact with my surroundings. Sharing images and telling stories is my way of connecting to the world, while ensuring my work retains a measure of purpose and meaning. I hope you enjoy the results as much as I enjoy the process of going out and creating.


Photography to be shared

  • Limited edition fine art prints
  • Large canvas and brushed aluminum prints
  • Local display spaces - The Canmore Rose and Crown, and the High Country Inn in Banff.


  • Weddings
  • Photo editing and printing





October 2014 release from Rocky Mountain Books - Lost and Found, Travels in the Canadian Rockies


For many people, moving to a mountain town is the realization of a dream, that final step in a pilgrimage to a relaxed lifestyle in a rugged setting. After a long journey, that began as a teenager in the 1980s with the vague idea there might be a better life somewhere "out west", Jamey Glasnovic eventually fled the chaos and stress of the big city and tried to settle into an uncomplicated Rocky Mountain existence.

Canmore, Alberta, a small community nestled in a picturesque valley situated right on the edge of Banff National Park, should have been the perfect end to his searching. A rapidly growing town emerging on the tourism radar can strain anyone's definition of paradise, however, and Lost and Found, Travels in the Canadian Rockies, is Glasnovic's account of his attempt, in the fall of 2008, to re-capture the simple wonders of living on the boundaries of a vast wilderness.

A spirited amble by bicycle and on foot, Lost and Found explores the heart of the Rocky Mountain Parks, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for it's staggering beauty, and examines the consequences of celebrating that beauty too effectively with mass tourism and ambitious development. Eschewing the convenience of motorized transportation, Glasnovic earns every kilometre that passes beneath his feet, and along the way learns a thing or two about feeling profoundly connected to place. An experience some would describe as being home.




Lost and Found and a New Printer

I've been diligently plugging away at my computer over the last two years, and have delivered the working manuscript and travel photos to Rocky Mountain Books for Lost and Found, Travels in the Canadian Rockies. Edits are underway, and in the meantime I'm researching a new large format printer because living in Canmore does have it's disadvantages. Namely, making prints larger than 13x19. I've been experimenting with larger prints and alternative print mediums with a company in Calgary, with good results, but it will be nice to be able to get the work done without leaving Canmore.